Thursday, 17 July 2008

Colic - what to do

Colic or wind is common in small babies it is caused by small bubbles of air trapped in your baby’s stomach or bowels and this in turn can cause tummy ache which can be very distressing for your baby, they can seem restless or niggled or they may cry if they have wind.
It is thought that breastfed babies may get less wind than bottle fed babies, as they may take in less air, but they still do get wind. If you’re feeding your baby with a bottle, make sure that the bottle is tipped up enough so that the teat is always full of milk. This can help to reduce the amount of air the baby swallows.

  • they may have a bluish tinge on the skin, between their top lip and nose
  • your baby is restless or crying and may be pulling legs up to their tummy
  • they may grimace and look like they are smiling but appear uncomfortable.
After a feed if your child is not settling it is best to spend a few moments trying to get up their wind this maybe achieved by:
  • Putting your child over your shoulder or sitting them on your knee with their heads supported and gently rubbing or patting their back, many feel that rubbing is now more effective that the traditional method of patting but the choose is yours it worked for our mums
  • Try to be patient if they don’t get any wind up straight away, try for a few minutes but not longer as they may simply not have wind, or just a small gurgle in his tummy could be a sign that any wind has escaped.

If you are concerned, discuss your worries with your midwife or health visitor, they may suggest other forms of help such as colic drops. However, it is important that you read the label as they are not all suitable for newborn babies